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Breeding Individual or a Team of Monsters

Monsters Legends game lets you breed various types of monsters but you must use the right strategies to breed them. Otherwise, you won’t make it in the game.


The monsters can live in 4 types of habitat including fire, nature, earth, and water. Each habitat must be unlocked before you can use it to house a monster. You can put up to 2 monsters in every habitat. You can breed a better monster bcross-breedingng monsters from different habitats. Cross breeding allows you to breed a stronger monster. On the other hand, breeding monsters from the same habitat should only be done if you want to have new monsters.

You will have to play the game for a few times to learn how to breed the monsters. You must try to play every feature in the game and dthe o experiment on cross breeding the monsters if you want to produce monsters that can fight well in the battles.

Affinities of Monsters When Building a Team

The elemental affinity of each monster must be taken into account during breeding. The same principle applies when you are building a team of monsters. For example, a team of 3 dark monsters can recover quickly when get hit by earth but they will be easily defeated by fire. On the other hand, a team of dark monster and magic monster will have resilience against earth and also be able to defend themselves against the light monsters.


When you are building a team, always take into consideration the affinities of the monsters. In this way, you will be able to build a monster team that is hard to be defeated by other players.

Know What Skills Your Monsters Have

Breeding monsters is so fun that you may forget about paying attention to what skills your monsters have. Every monster is equipped with a different set of skills. You must know what skills your monsters have in order to train them for battles.


To find out what skills your monster have, you must first tap on its habitat. In habitat, you must tap on the individual monster to see their range of skills. You will be able to see both locked and unlocked skills of the monsters before deploying them for the battle.

Providing Nourishment and Fluid for Your Monster

To make your monster happy, you must know how to grow your own food. You can build a farm to grow different types of crops. The longer you let the plant grow, the more crops you can collect from it. The farm can be upgraded when you reach a higher level.


Farming your own crop is another feature which can take some time to master but it is worthwhile as having good understanding on how it work will help you to win the game.



Procuring Gems to Unlock More Items

Just like other free games, having limited gems will prevent you from making further progress even if you know how to play the game well. The game does provide a way for you to accumulate the gems naturally but it is going to take time to accumulate them. This means you will play the game at a slower pace.


You can purchase the amount of gems you need quickly using real money. However, doing so will be a waste of money and it will be smarter to find a free way to obtain these gems. Many people don’t give a second thought when spending money to buy gems. It is wise to plan your gems spending so that you will have gems to use for other important tasks later.

You can login into your account every day to earn gems. Achieving the goals that are available daily will also allow you to earn gems. When you go up one level higher, you will be automatically awarded with gems. The gems will accumulate slowly when you use these methods. As you can see, you can’t quickly accumulate a large amount of gems unless you buy them.

Achieving the Goals Assigned to You Every Day

You must have enough gems to get more habitats and breed more monsters in the game. There are different goals you can achieve every day to earn some coins. Earning these coins are easy but you must remember to login every day for a few minutes to play the game.


As long as you keep fulfilling the goals, you will be able to have an abundant of all you need for the game excluding gems.

Don’t Spend Your Gems Too Fast

Why do we keep talking about gems?¬† If you are not going to spend money to buy the gems, you must know how to save your gems for later use. Many players like to use the gems to hatch the monsters faster but it isn’t wise to spend the gems in this way. Instead, just let the monster hatch at its own speed. It is time consuming but doing this will save you a couple of gems that you can use for unlocking other more important items.


So, next time, when you are thinking of using the gems to hatch the monster, remind yourself to be patient and let them hatch themselves instead. Go and do something else while you are waiting for the monsters to hatch. You will be glad that you do this when you progress further in the game.

Engaging Your Monsters in Combats

Breeding monsters is the most time consuming part but the most fun part is to let your monsters fight in combats. In combat, you can see how well you have done in breeding the monster. You can see how strong is the defense of your monster team against the team built by other players.


To let your monsters fight in combat, you must first achieve up to personal level 10. By engaging in combat, you can test the monsters you breed and earn some rewards from it. You must not be afraid of letting your monsters going into battle as this is the only way to test how strong your monster is.

Developing a Strategy

Many people who have played the game before suggest that you develop a strategy first prior to starting to play. I don’t agree with creating a strategy before you start to play the game. You haven’t even played the game so how do you know how to create a strategy. Your strategy will probably work only in half of the game. Instead, taking things easily and spend time to play all the feature in the game. Once you’ve learned all the game features, you will be able to develop a strategy that work for winning the game.


You will obtain various experiences that will improve your game play knowledge including breeding monsters, creating a team and engaging in battles. You should take part in all activities the game offer if you want to learn which monsters has the highest winning rate in the combat.


What is your thought about this? The tips presented here aim to help you to win the game no matter if you are new to playing the game or is already experienced in using monsters to fight the battle. These are just some of the principles to follow if you want to win the game but we will also be opened in hearing great tips from your as well. If you have any tip you want to share with us, you can post in the comment box below.

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