gta 5 review

i like
Fast delivery, great price, product exactly as described.
It Was Good Thanks
Disc itself was mangled. Didn’t play. Sent it back.
One of the best XBox games of all time
Favorite Game, have put so many hours into it
Purchased son. No complaints
“Amazing game. A bit violent and definitely not recommended for kids.
Would be great to have a kids friendly spin off using the same platform.”
Owner gave me the Xbox 360 game instead! It doesn’t work on Xbox one
Price was good
Excelente el juego que desean los niños
Purchased two of these so that me and the wife can team up and take over the world. It is built with so many missions and side missions. We often like to team up with our friends too. Just a really great story and game play.
Great product!!!
Just love this game.
fun game, fast shipping
Works well
I played and beat this on 360 back when it first came out in 2013. It was fun back then but now with updated graphics and optional first person view it’s a blast. I have been spending my precious little free time playing this. I caught it at $15. Great value.
Came in fine with no scratches
Love It
The disk was fake
Excelente juego, buen producto
GTA has always been a good game to play. There’s always something new to do so it never gets boring. I wish parents would actually read the rating of this game and keep little kids off of it though. It gets annoying when you’re playing and some of these disrespectful kids get in the lobby trash talking. But overall great game.
Comes with everything inside the case and the game is awesome! Even comes with a map!
Bought this for PS3, PS4, now the digital version for Xbox One S, because it takes up the same space on the hard drive. Best online game, really not for kids at all. My main concern is the unhealthy rf emitted by the system. I don’t even have kids, but I take out the wireless card from inside my Xbox One S and use Ethernet and use my controller cable. I also use non LED technology projector, another risk to be avoided for children. Same thing with Red Dead 2, it is too violent for kids. All in all, although the singleplayer was awesome, definitely we all love the online. I made over 10 accounts and maxed them all out. Expect an uphill climb getting wealth at first and level up. I grind missions on hard, using playlists I make. A lot of griefers kill you for no reason, but it’s the same on Playstation, although much less lil kids on microphones here, which is quite the plus in my book. I would never buy the special edition because the things cannot be sold and have no trade in value while meanwhile it is nothing I would choose, although it may help you. Main thing to remember is kill death ratio has no value, people with large kd levels are just more likely to be kicked and less likely to be friended by a friendly, helpful CEO interested in making money.
What is there really to say about GTA V that would be surprising to anyone. It is awesome. I originally purchased this for Xbox 360, got to 100% completion and then sold my disc. I got the bug to play it again here recently and purchased the game for Xbox One (wow, it really has come down in price) and the gameplay is definitely enhanced. The graphics are quite superior as would be expected to my experience in Xbox 360. I understand that this game has been out a long time; however, $15.00 is an absolute steal for this game. Even if you do every single little side mission you can still have fun just roaming around or hopping onto the online platform.
👍🏿👍🏿 love the price, and quick delivery.
Very good game
It was what It said and also a little Extra. With the gta online money.
CD error I need my money back
Fun game
Had this for my 360 and purchased this when i got my Xbox One. The graphics are sharper and they’ve added so much.
“Not much of a game as far as it’s single player campaign. Many flaws in the control layout that make it not very intuitive.
Acting was good. Once the campaign is done there ain’t much worth doing. Graphics and gameplay are showing their age. Turns out this game is very much not open. Pretty much another dumb interactive movie type.”
Awesome game. Has endless playing game options
Happy got this for someone gift as already played game more 100 times, but buy someone just great.
It’s literally shows naked people like what!Please for the sake of the human generation don’t get it for someone under 20.It has swears and it is way to violent.And my nephew was a perfect little boy until he got this game.Like a day after he got it I come up to his room and I hear him say 3 swears in a row.
Great game, tons of free DLC making the game fun and keeping it interesting. The campaign is awesome in that you make choices that affect the overall outcome, very theatrical campaign. Online play is amazing and has tons of things to do.
Always fun. No matter how many times I end up buying it
very good game. much fun. vroom vroom
Grandson likes it. Bought for his birthday.
Played the game to this day. Real fun. Love the updates
Best game
I’ve never played this game before so when I saw it! I had to buy it! It’s a great game!
Bought this my youngest nephew and what else I can say it’s Grand Theft Auto 5 one of best video game series today, that’s all you need to know.
Its got alot of cussing
Awesome game! Arrived on time and by far my fav game
This is fun game, not a fan of multiplayer
A very solid game to have in the collection there is so much to do if you hundred percent this game you have too much time on your hands. I found multiplayer to be a little toxic but it’s not nice to group the whole community is mean and wanting to kill you. Very solid single player with an OK multiplayer bass .
I bought this present as a gift for my younger brother. He loved the game for months but no longer plays it.
4 play this game in this house. Our favorite game
Got this video game for my son it’s a little racy wish I had known beforehand
Great game
It’s Gta what more needs to be said.
bad game
I’ve bought this game multiple times and have enjoyed it every time!
It was in a Good conditiol.Came nicely packed.
Great ty
For a second i thought it dnt work so i just restarted my xb1 s and it fixed the problem and the graphics are way better than the xb360
Hola muy buenos dias, escribo esta oportunidad para hacer reclamo de que los productos nunca me llegaron, nunca me enviaron un numero de traking, por favor para que me den razon del producto, sin mas que agregar me despido espero su pronta respuesta
It came sealed and new
I bought it just to run around the city blowing stuff up.
Excellent game, a lot of content
Good price
Fun game. Lots of missions.
Exactly what I needed. Excellent Price. Fast Delivery
My son had to have this!! He loves it!! I laugh watching him play it!!
“I can not play this game, it got sucking from the first time I run it
Now I will return it back to the buyer”
Good !
Was a gift but he likes it.
I love this game, I just beat the main storyline for the 4th or 5th time and it is by far the best in the GTA series. The characters are excellent, the options for clothing, vehicles, etc is awesome, the story is addictive, definitely one of my favorite games.
Uno de los más adictivos, puedes perder todo el tiempo del mundo buscando detalles en la ciudad, haciendo actividades o pequeñas misiones alternas y lo mejor su modo multijugador.
Amazing game
Came early and my nephews love it
Daughter loves it
my son not too thrilled with this new, he bought this based on prior issue he played always
unfortunately, the box of the cd has two locks, on of them was broken already when I opened it 🙁
now the box cannot be closed .

Always been a fan of GTA.
Son loves it. Brand new shipped in great time.
Best game ever
the original game came in the box and it was sealed 🙂 Cant stop playing.
Amazing, disk Looked immaculate. It also came with the enterprise starter pack which usually makes the game cost an extra $30. Which is an amazing deal. Highly satisfied.
I always wanted this game, I started playing it almost 3 years ago, when I was in 4th grade. One of my friend took that game to school and when I started playing it, I didn’t wanted to stop.
Nicely packaged and it’s new.
This might be the most prolific game on this system. Takes a lot of space to play be prepared. Newbies are punished so keep it moving until you are comfortable will combat and confrontation! Way more children play this than you would think it shouldn’t be but it is so. Monitor your children while playing this if you allow mature content in your house.
Fun game.
Awsome game
Second time owning this game and for the record its not good for children nor young adults. It is fun but the language and actions just are not suitable for anyone under 17 i do enjoy this out of control game. Actually i just got done playing it its very hard to put the controller down
Love it
Hehe haha hooooo
Great game, fast delivery
This game is just one of a few in a queue list of games I’m looking forward to playing within the next year or two. I’ve heard alot of good things about it, and it was highly recommended by a few well known sources for gamers!
I don’t play games but my son said its a great game. So I’m giving all games 5 stars.
Bought this because I had it on 360 and liked it, so when I got a new Xbox I had to get it.
great game
Worth it
Cheap and works like a $20 whore
Best GTA Game!
Epic game definite bye for any gamer
Great gift! Came wrapped up and never used. No scratches or marks on inside or out. Would recommend 10/10
Fun to play, GTA is the best!
One of the best selling games of all time. It has a fun typical GTA story mode. Regularly goes on sale for 10 or 15 bucks. Check it out if you haven’t
Worked good
Thank you
Case had a little bit of scuff marks, but other than that, the disk and everything else came in brand new condition.
My son guards this game with his life
In a pretend world they sure pander to the already deranged. the “real” world of vulgarity and unnecessary racist stereotypes and language in a PRETNED WORLD which could be a LITTLE different than the real world. I do not get it. Why would you create a parallel fake city based on some west coast crap-hole when you could set a NEW standard? The N word is offensive and you cannot even PLAY the game in a house of people because THEY get offended. Buy headphones, sit in your room and continue to contribute to the everyday stereotype negative for A GAME that is suppose to give you enjoyment and pleasure and fun AWAY from the real world!! Thought the premise of a game was to make you forget your problems for a little while, like a movie or playing an instrument. LOSER GAME!! People do not even get the indoctrination or the pandering. More parents need to buy this for their 13 year olds!! DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!
Epic game
Just needed a replacement due to damage to previous disc
Love this game. Arrived new and clean, not damaged. Only thing that was unclarified was if it was a digital code or game disk. I was searching for a digital code, but I guess I ordered a game disk. I’m also super happy about the price.
Oldie but a goodie
I received that disc on 4/26/2019 after i open the box and insert into console then it cant show me the game the disc is empty nothing inside its just blank ….
Our twin boys loved this game as an Easter gift
Standard Disc. As described.
What can I say? It’s GTA V!
Worked great
Good price and shipped fast seemed to be factory packaging
Love it came in new
My daughter was overjoyed to receive this surprise, and I was overjoyed at the price, and that it was delivered in two days!! Thank you, Amazon-you saved the day!!!!!
As described
I bought this for one of my Grand Sons he really likes this game. Thank you very much!
Great game
It worked. It’s not the game for me though. Red Dead is where my heart is, always and forever.
Great product
Got this for my Xbox one. Since I had it on 360 and I still love the game!
Love the game got it for 16 dollars and it was delivered in one day
Give for a gift 🎁

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