Are you look for GTA 5 money tool, but never found the right one, and sometimes you ask does it really work?

Well, we have an answer here! 🙂

In this tutorial i’m going to show how this tool works and how you should use and why you should do not trust other gta generators online or offline …

PLUS: If you want to get mod menus or some other gta v mods i will show you how to get those as well.

Notice: If you want to use this tool please read whole article to understand how to use it

Generator no survey

if this tool not working please submit email and we will end you in 24 hours working version, just type in a message your ps4 or Xbox version, PC.

Do we see this generator called unlimited money and says there no survey but it’s true?

The answer simple … It’s not free and requires a survey and also do not even working! These programs ask you to fill human verification

Most people want to play gta with some cheats also most people want to play gta 4 too with cheats.

They promise you RP generator no survey but there always survey and always you have to fill it…

Generator activation code

Gta code is another scam so do not can be tricked by those websites like this, you can see screenshot here. The answer is there not too much legit GTA 5 money generator and probably they are no generators for Xbox One or PS4.

Gta online money generator

Learn how gta online generator works, there few generators which can produce money to your account, there is short tutorial how you can do it so follow these rules bellow.

  1. Open website
  2. Accept and continue
  3. Browse in your files space for mod installation
  4. Click Install GTA mod
  5. Check your computer files
  6. Run gta mod
  7. Login to your account and play online
  8. Done

By using this money adder you can increase your money and rp also you can mod game online.


How it works?

This tool goes directly to GTA V servers and changing their Secure AES-256 bit Encryption algorithm by injecting sql and mysql files with your gamertag details into servers.

It’s small glitch in this game , so you can use for short period of time, this glitch bug possible will be fixed soon, but our team working hard to find bugs in servers and help you make money online quick and easy.

It’s really safe to use it. I got many happy users emails and no complains about frozen or banned accounts.

What if still not working ?

We got few emails from our visitors with issue… I can not get money into my GTA V account… 50% of time there problem with user gamertag you probably typed wrong user id.

Please check your gamertag twice also please check how much money you typed in “Money” section in online generator, please read how to use tool again and follow rule number 3. If you have problems please contact me here or write comment.

What to do if still not working ? Please refresh this page and try generate money once more time, than login to your GTA account, check your balance, than restart your console or PC.

Wait up to 45 minutes and try again, sometimes are servers overload. We working on this issue but we need money donation to buy better server to supply gta glitch to all gta players without errors.

If you see this message this because GTA Servers are down at the moment and you need wait 1-3 hoursand try cheat tool again.

Can i share with friends?

You can share this website with friends but i not recommend use your friend gamertag account to get cash, 90 % of the time your friend won’t get money because

he need fill verification by itself. It’s much smarter send link to his facebook, twitter account or share on your wall.

2. Also never click on website from not only forums but also from blog comments or facebook spam. People like spam with fake generators to get your attention if you smart avoid those and save your time.

Scam websites

I have short list of those website which can not give you working tool.


  1. All forum websites with fake generators not working, if you see something like this picture DO NOT USE it’s fake .


There are not so much Great money online, probably just 1-2 % are legit all other are scams.If you want real money in game, use our generator if you want to waste time … Use those which you found on the forums or blog comments.


Do you have questions ? Leave bellow


Gta 5 cheats?

As many GTA games have a kind of cheat code you can use immediately to add big amounts of in-game currency, it is logical to assume that that would be the new game in the series–but that is not the case. While there is an extensive list of cheats in GTA 5, none of them will allow you to add cash.




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