8 Pool Hack, Does it Really Work? (My Study here)

How many times did you try to find a working 8 pool hack tool – generator?

I’ve tried many, but never get what I really wanted to get, I have never get coins easily.

I made huge data analysis I found those facts here:

You won’t get coins easily in the game.

All generators are fake.

If It looks legit it’s still can be fake.

If it asks you to fill survey it’s fake.

Do not trust youtube videos such “100 % working tool”…

There is brutal truth about how 8 pool online tools.

But there are a few ways how you can trick this game if you really want to, there no surveys, but it requires some computer skills and patience.

To make this research and found does it really works I used “blue stack” software it allows you to emulate your phone.

So the first question is for you where are you looking for this cheat tool: Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Google play?


Well let say you are on google and you typed your phrase in a search engine “8 pool unlimited coins”

Your results should be some like this screenshot

First, let’s talk about 100 % fake one’s websites.

If you seel something like this? it’s definitely fake

The first example, probably you have seen something like this

When the website asks you to enter the username and choose unlimited resources it’s 100 % scam. Also, check at the latest activities bar. When you see that someone has generated 99999999+ coins it’s just social proof but there is no real evidence that it’s real if you know some HTML code you can understand thats there are no connection between your account and this website.

there is code from website.

Some tips on how to get 8 pool coins in the game

There few tips how you can use in game get Coins, there are some borings tips but they actualy work if you really interested to play this game.

Pick a Pool Table

If you’ve only begun to play the game, you won’t pay attention to how you use your small coins collection to avoid getting cheated. There are several tables to choose from and each table has a different entry fee. The first table that you should choose is the Downtown London Pub. After you have improved your skill in using the cue, you can play at Sydney. Tables with bigger entry fees also let you earn more with each win. This means you will be making more money when you play at tables with bigger entry fees. However, you should only wait until your cue skill is polished before playing at these tables as they require a much higher stake.

Launch the App Daily

You can launch the app every day even if you are too busy to complete a full round. You have one chance to spin the Spin and Win lever daily. You will have an opportunity to earn money and open mystery box that contain a the pieces you need to build a higher quality cue. The spins can be purchased or obtained for free. It is easy to use the spins to earn coins/cash compared to playing a pool game.3

Increase the Aim of the Cue Ball

If you are using a basic cue, you will see a short line that tells you where the ball will roll after the cue ball is lined up. If you want to cheat, you can get an object with a straight edge, for example, paper, and post-it note. Next, you must hold the object with the straight edge in between the aiming lines and pocket. Doing so will let you know if you are making an accurate. This step must be performed fast while timer is counting down.

Learning to Use Pool English

English in this context refers to putting some more power into shooting the cue ball when its your turn. Sometimes, the ball is situated too near to the pocket and you cannot shoot using a small amount of power. To shoot the ball with more power, you must tap on the cue ball button on the top right corner. You must know where to tap to get the ball shoot to the correct direction. Tapping on the bottom can give your cue backspin – this is ideal for the ball that is located near to the pocket. If you tap on the top, it will give your cue front spin, and move your ball forward. The ball may move a little after it knocks on the target ball. Front spin is great for breaking up a few balls that are close together. You can tap on the side to make the next shot. Tapping on the side will shoot the ball to the preferred direction. This move is used after the target ball is hit.

Get a Higher Quality Cue

Upgrading your cue can instantly improve your chance of winning at the pool table. You only need a few coins to get a higher quality cue. The first upgrade of your cue will only improve your cue skill a little in terms of ball control, cue ball shooting accuracy, and give you more time to shoot. As you play the game, more cues will become available for purchase. The cues that you are provided are decent quality at the beginning of the game. But, as you play the game longer and win more coins, you will be able to purchase cues that are more powerful.

It can be a bit difficult to use English but you will master it after some practices. You can test shooting the ball in a number of contact spots using various English ratio until you master the skill and become a pool shark.

Increase the Speed of the Cue Ball

It is just frustrating to make an accidental shot on a ball that is lined up at the pool table. To know how much time is left until your shot, you can look at the little square envelope count down timer on the avatar. You can line up your shots faster by tapping and dragging the pool table. To shoot accurately, you must drag the cue handle to the desired position.



Clash Of Clans Hack in 2019 (My Research)

How many fake „generators“ and fake hacks did you try? …. 1,2,3 … more?

Did you try to hack some games like clash of clans or get free gems in the game?


I spend a few years creating fake websites, fake generators to make cash of people like you…  After all years I realized that this niche is not for me, I decided to show how it works, how to avoid those fake websites traps, how to identify not a real generator, how to spot scam website.

I will share my ultimate study of how all generators and hacks really works I will share my thoughts and experience on trying to find a working app/tool or website.

  1. Why people make those generators?
  2. How does it work?
  3. Why do you need to make a survey?
  4. Why do you see many results in Google, Reddit, youtube?
  5. The legit way to get hacked?
  6. Firstly let discuss why people make those tools?

Why people make fake websites – generators?

Short Answer people make money from this. There are many affiliates called „content locker websites“ also known as CPA.

You can read here more about how it works here.

The incentivisation principle I previously mentioned is key to the content locking concept.


For example, if I decided to create a video or website  “How to Get Free Coc gems 2019”, I create website makes it looks legit. I promise you to get gems but to get gems I ask my visitors to fill short survey, download app or install an app.  I can get about  $0.50 – $2+ Per Install. There are many offers also, some offers can pay you even up to $ 20.

Cheats and Hacks niche is one of the easiest…  it‘s very profitable to make for this example fake hacks generators like „coc gems generator“ or similar like these. It‘s pretty easy to create those, some CPA affiliate offers you free website… you just need SPAM around the world with the fake generator and you can make decent cash.

How it works

You visit a website and you see „Legit looking website“.

But there is HTML and Javascript website there is no connection between your account and gems in the game.

Those websites with HTML makes you believe that‘s real, but it‘s only HTML codes after website will ask you to VERIFY . after clicking Human Verification you will be redirected to something like this, i can guarantee if you see Human verification something like this it’s SCAM and avoid those websites.

If you Complete offer you unlock this fake file. You won‘t get any promised Gems or hack that’s for sure, in the best case scenario you can get tutorial how to get gems or money in a game.

Pay attention to website URL last code is affiliate code.

Why there are so many results in Google, youtube, reddit, quara?

People create fake websites and ranking using SPAM SEO techniques they buy cheap links from Fiverr and other websites or tools like GSA ranker or senuke x to rank website quickly.

They rank a website in Google for short time: 1 week, 1-month max 1-2 years…

The best idea it ignores those results and don‘t believe what they can offer you. Unfortunately those website looks really clean and legit.

Spamming Forums or on quora.com

Users create fake topics like „How to hack Clash of Clans“

Best idea is to avoid those topics, don‘t even click or copy those links, they just spamming to get your clicks and leads to make money.

Users use a simple tactic to spam links, with text like “Visti now and Get clash gems EASY!” please avoid those links.

Youtube spamming

Youtube is popular platform share videos and tutorials especial fake videos and fake generators are popular here. It’s pretty easy to rank and it’s easy to trick person because those looks really good.

There are a few examples

You can see many faked videos, but question how they make fake videos?

Well, it looks really legit, right ? But there way how you can create video and fake those number you can find the full tutorial how those people do it here

They use Adobe After Effects software to make it look like it‘s a real thing, but it‘s just fake video. I recommend reporting those videos and mark as SPAM, FAKE CONTENT.

it shows how you can fake any number in the video.

What about legit ways to Get Hack?

There few options how you can get hack game get gems or other stuff, for example, sometimes is possible find clash of clan exploits to get gems, but not so often, and games studio patch those exploits in 24 hours…

It depends what hack do you need for example the most popular way for android or iPhones is .apk Offline mod or private server,  you can you use mod offline, but it‘s won‘t work online

I would suggest trying to find forums and carefully read all information before you want to download apk or run game


Clash of clan troops hack

There is an example how can hack coc in the game… but you need you have jailbroken or rooted phone.

You can test it on bluestack and using https://xmodgames-lite.en.uptodown.com/android any way i’ve not tested this way to get unlimited resources in a game but it can work or not I suggest watch the full video to get an idea about how you can get real clash and gems in this game.

Reward points websites

For example, you can see positive reviews, but before you download analysis data what forum is it, it‘s real or just fake one.

Another way you can Point Reward Websites

There are PROS and CONS here, you won‘t get hack, gems immediately you have to put a lot of effort and time to get gems, codes and so on.

There are few popular websites


You can download app install and collect points https://grabpoints.com/

You make surveys installing apps , collecting points and after that, you can redeem your coupon usually you can get Xbox live, Paypal, Amazon, Roblox and so on.

There is time-consuming, but there are 100% chance that you will get what you want



If you want to hack Game, cheat on game you won’t get t FREE, if you want to hack game you need put a lot of work here and there is no good time investment, I would suggest instead of cheating and game and getting low chance to get money better to invest your time in-game strategy, tips and tricks there are lot of good tutorials-strategies on youtube how you can be better on clash of clans or other game.


Twitter at https://twitter.com/normalgocom